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Where is my pen?

Your regular writing pen is not the only pen that you need to keep close. Epi is short for epinephrine. This medication is given during allergic reactions that cause anaphylaxis. An order for an EpiPen must be written by a prescribing provider and is only available through a pharmacy. You cannot get this medication over the counter. If you have a prescription for an EpiPen, you should make sure you check the expiration date on the medication. If you have not used the EpiPen (thankfully), then it may be reaching it's expiration date.

Most commonly during the summer, people need EpiPens to treat insect, stings or bites. Other reasons include food or drug allergies. Most people who have an EpiPen know what they are allergic to, so they try to avoid the offending agent. However, in some cases it can't be avoided, so for that reason the EpiPen should be kept close at all times. Some people are not certain of their allergy. However, they know their response may be serious so they carry the EpiPen to be safe.

Make sure other people, including your family, friends and co-workers know about your allergy. You can also wear a medical alert bracelet or necklace. It is important to tell others because if you are unable to administer the EpiPen yourself then someone else needs to know your allergy, that you carry a pen, and how to administer the medication. First Aid classes will train others how to properly administer an EpiPen. It is important to note that using an EpiPen does not replace prompt assessment by a medical profession.

For more information about First Aid Classes with Zing Life Services, visit our website - and check out list of services.

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