This annual event is designed to empower individuals to elect their health as first-priority by walking to reduce risk for chronic health conditions and stroke/heart attack.

2020 is the 3rd year for the Choose YOU! Walk for life but due to the current Coronovirus (Covid 19) pandemic, the event will be virtual this year.  We are super excited because this virtual event will give YOU the opportunity to participate safely no matter where you are. 

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Zing Life Services, Inc. invites you to participate in our Third annual “Choose You! Walk for Life” VIRTUAL walk-a-thon to support our effort of bringing care to the community. This year the event will be virtual so the good news is that you can participate in YOUR community throughout the day on October 17th, 2020. 
The “Walk for Life” walk-a-thon is an effort to increase health awareness and decrease health disparities in the community.  
  • Every participant will need to Register for the event on the registration page.
  • Those who register will pay a fee which will allow entry to virtual Choose YOU! Walk for Life group/platform.
  • We also encourage you to share the event with your family and friends to collect pledges on your projected number of steps. 

BECOME A Sponsor

Zing Life Services, Inc. invites you to become an Official Event Sponsor of the  “Choose You! Walk for Life."

Proceeds from this walk benefit the members of our community and supports our company's effort to increase health awareness and decrease health disparities.

 Your sponsorship will support CPR trainings, healthcare and support for underserved populations. 

As you may be aware, the population of eastern North Carolina faces challenges with chronic diseases such as: diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, etc. and ultimately affects one’s quality of life. These chronic conditions increase risk for heart attach and stroke.

This event is designed to empower individuals to elect their health as first-priority.

Funds raised for this event will  allow Zing LIfe Services to continue to bring care to the community. 

Each participant has committed to complete a pre-determined number of steps.  You can support their effort by pledging at least $1 per every 1000 steps committed. For example if they commit to 10,000 steps then you pledge $10.

Your participation will help assure the success of “Choose You!  Walk for Life.” If you or your group/organization is interested, we ask that you register in advance.  Zing Life Services is a non-profit organization. As such all fees paid toward this event are tax deductible. 

This event will take place Virtually so you can participate from your own community. 


This event will take place Online in 2020


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