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Matters of the Mind

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and is dedicated to raise awareness and educate the public about policies, and to increase support for those with changes in their mental health or who are mentally ill. Not only are families and friends affected by behavioral health changes but so are relationships. Many people do not associate their failed or lack of relationships to their mental health. Zing Life Services hosted a Matters of the Mind Telesummit on May 27th, 29th and 31st of 2019. Here are the highlights ....

Ashley Gilmore

Ashley Gilmore, a Nationally Board Certified Counselor and a Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate for the State of North Carolina spoke during our recent telesummit about the importance of seeking counseling and therapy during good times. Her interview during the Zing Life Services Matters of the Mind Telesummit can be viewed here.

She works at a homeless shelter and has first hand experience with black women who through many different circumstances have found themselves moving against societal norms. Read Gilmore's article, "Culturally Competent Therapist for Black Women." Gilmore earned a Bachelors of Arts Degree Law & Society from Purdue University, Masters of Science in Counseling/Counselor Education from Indiana University and a Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from Capella University. 

Millions of americans each year face the reality of living with a mental illness. Nakisha Smith, RN-BC has first hand experience with patients who come to grips with the fact that they need help.

She works in direct patient care to help support, initiate treatment plans, set goals and be a resource for those individuals and families who need assistance. Smith was also a guest on Zing Life Services - Matters of the Mind Telesummit. Click Here to see her interview. Smith also has a blog, Detaching the Stigma, that she welcomes those interested in learning more about mental health to follow.

It was also our pleasure to hear from the male perspective during the last night of the telesummit. Men often think it can't happen to them or they are too proud to go get help even if they recognize something is not quite right.

Quay Weston, gave his experience as a young, black, educated, entrepreneur male who recognized that life was not going the way it should and that he needed help.

Here are Weston's take aways from the presentation.

• You’re NEVER WEAK for asking for what you need. • You are not alone unless you absolutely want to be. Find your trusted people. • The journey will be long & hard, but it will be worth it. • You attract what you avoid the most. Get to the root of the issue and confront it - with trusted people. • Also, coping is not confronting. • Yes, this is “just how things are” but they don’t have to stay this way. • You could be the person to break those chains for your family. • It is never a quick and easy fix. You will have to practice forever but at least it’ll be better.

Trust the process. Find your resources. Find the people you trust to walk alongside you. Talk. Express it. Find healthy ways to get it out. Love yourself and forgive yourself. We’re all trying to, too. Weston is the founder of the All Things EAT (Education-Arts-Technolgy) podcast and the ENOCH coalition.

The telesummit was all about giving viewers information and resources. Here is a list of resources that Weston provided for viewers and here is his interview.

Anthony Tyre is the founder and Executive Director of Eastern Community Care Foundation, also known as ECCFNC, a nonprofit corporation that was formed with a vision to help others in

need living in rural North Carolina.

Anthony has a passion for people and a desire to see everyone’s dream become a reality. Tyre retired from the US Army with numerous awards and citations for his work and leadership ability. He believes everyone has a voice and takes pride in having the ability to

understand and hear others.

Tyre holds a BA in criminal justice from American Military University. He also holds a MA

in Mental Health Counseling and Career Counseling from North Carolina Central University.

Tyre’s dedication to his community was recognized as he was awarded a fellowship for the

National Board of Certified Counseling Minority Fellowship Program for Addictions

Counselors. He is currently a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC), Licensed Professional

Counselor-Associate, and a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist-Associate.

The finale of the Matters of the Mind Telesummit with Weston and Tyre can be seen here.

Additional resources: Guide My Mind (provided by Dionne Murphy, Owner of Her Virtual Gym). Murphy was also a guest speaker on the Telesummit and she discussed her experience with anxiety.

Remember the mind is a terrible thing to waste especially when you can get help.

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