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Water Safety During Summer

The highlight of summer is diving into a swimming pool or enjoying watersports on the river, lake, or ocean.  Enjoying activities on the water may be lots of fun, however, it can also be very dangerous and even deadly. Did you know drowning is the 5th leading cause of unintentional injury death in the U.S.?  Also, incidence of boating accidents rise during the summer months and are attributed to driving under the influence.  To ensure water safety, discover the 5 Water Safety Tips below:

  1. Swim in areas supervised by lifeguards – Lifeguards are trained to respond in the event life-saving interventions should be performed

  2. Wear a life vest (approved by a national governing body: ex. US Coast Guard) – NC Wildlife Resources requires children 13 and under wear a life vest

  3. Never leave young child(ren) unattended

  4. Avoid alcohol consumption – Avoid alcohol consumption before/while swimming and before operating a boat

  5. Use a “buddy system” – Swim with someone or others to ensure safety

*Bonus Tip – Ensure individuals, friends, and family members know how to swim before entering a body of water

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