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Mental Health Reset

It’s easy to focus on physical health, but you should NOT neglect your mental health. Make your mental health a priority like your physical health. Hit the reset button and refocus on you! Below are tips to assist in your mental health reset:

**Tip #1: Unplug from mobile devices** – When mobile devices are not required, limit usage to engage in the present moment. Remember, you cannot re-live past moments.

**Tip #2: Getting zzzz’s** – Making sure you get eight to nine hours of good quality rest. Stop mobile device usage at least 30 minutes prior to going to bed to assure good quality rest.

**Tip #3: Alone time** – When you find yourself alone, instead of spending time on your mobile device, select a different activity to occupy your time. Examples of alternative activities include the following: adult coloring, reading, writing (including goal planning), etc.

**Tip #4: Seeking help** – Often times situations can be too great to handle on our own and need the expertise of mental health professionals. Seek counseling if needed, these professionals are skilled to offer resources or discuss therapies to help in your situation.

**Tip #5: Take a deep breath** – As simple as this task sounds, this task can help improve concentration and help you focus. How To: Slowing inhale through your nose and exhale out of your mouth. Perform a couple times daily to reset!

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