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8 Silent Signs of Stress

2019 is here. Let's lay aside every weight that slows us down. Get rid of Stress.

1. Unusual weight gain – Some people are stress eaters, which means they eat more food during times of stress. Some are stress undereaters which means they loose their appetite during stressful times. Stress triggers a hormone named cortisol that helps to breakdown fats and carbohydrates. During times of stress our brain wants us to eat foods high in fat due to the cortisol release. One recommendation is to snack on nuts like walnuts or almonds.

2. Hives – Some people may become itching with raised bumps on the skin. You can apply a cool damp towel on the area that has the rash. The rash is present because the stress has caused the body to release histamines, which manifests in a rash. If you do nothing this rash will self resolve however in most cases the rash it annoying.

3. Fuzzy Brain – Stress can lower your concentration. Your thoughts are not as clear and you are not focused. Learn how to relax. Take deep breaths relax and meditate with self paced activities or yoga.

4. Headache – Your muscles tense during stressful situations. These tense muscles cause a headache. Essential oils may be helpful for relaxation. Rub these oils across your temples and forehead.

5. Sour tummy (heartburn) – The stomach produces more digestive acids, which can increase heartburn symptoms. The digestion is slowed and emptying is delayed. You can have some stomach cramps or diarrhea. Antacids or ginger tea may be helpful for these symptoms.

6. Hair loss – Stress can cause hair of any length to fall out. Stress attacks the hair follicles, which causes spontaneous shedding of hair. Be patient. The hair will grow back if you get your stress under control and take care of your hair while the hair follicle is sensitive.

7. Cold symptoms that linger – Stress lowers the immune system, which decreases the body’s ability to fight off viruses such as a cold. You can take some zinc supplements, which may shorten the length of the cold by 1 day if taken at early onset of symptoms. Also make sure to get some meditation, sleep, and exercise to help boost your immune system as well.

8. Acne - Stress causes the skin glands to make more oil. Oily skin clogs pores, which causes underlying bacteria and pimples. You can use some topical creams and cleaners, which are available over the counter. You can also use green tea or pure aloe.

The key to stress is to determine your triggers. There are some things that you just can’t avoid. For example, there is not getting around taking exams in school. However, you can change your approach by starting to study several days before the exam rather than cramming the night before. Effective planning and execution will lower stress in some situations. Sometimes stress comes without warning so know your body and review these symptoms to determine what you can do to cope with the stress until life returns to normal. Make 2019 the year of NO STRESS.

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